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My latest A DEAL WITH HER REBEL VIKING will be published in December 2019. It is the start of a new Viking series set in the Midlands.


I am currently working on my part of the Sons of Sigurd Viking  Continuity  which will be published in August 2020.










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The UK cover for A Noble Captive whichI prefer  It is often very surreal for me that I have had books in print since 2005 or basically 14 years. One of the great things about writing Historical Romance is that sometimes the books last a little longer and don't become as dated. Basically how I approached a story in 2005 is not necessarily how I would approach a story these days. The themes which interest me are different. So when Lynn Spencer tagged me that she had read A Noble Captive and reviewed it for her TBR challenge, random dip for the All About Romance site. I read the review with some trepidation. ANC was my 2nd book for HH and it was a Roman set one. It came out in January 2007 in the UK but wasn't released in the US until 2010. I remember lots about writing it and getting my revisions. I had just had my first cataract removed 20 Dec 2005.  It was bought 14 Feb 2006 and I had my 2nd contract -- I wasn't a one book wonder! I was pleased Lynn  got some of the subtleties. She did miss the fact that it takes place on a island a few miles north of Crete and not on Crete itself.  It was a far smaller made-up island. A minor quibble. I was pleased that it still worked for her. She said If you love historical fiction but sometimes find yourself wary to take a chance on a book that might not have an HEA, this novel may be right up your alley.  The romance is very much central to the novel’s plot, but the backstory is so well-developed and rich with detail that I think it will appeal to readers of historical fiction as much as readers of romance.  I should point out that ANC does have a HEA. It is a Harlequin Historical after all. And it is lovely to see a review after all this time.

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