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 The Return of the Viking Warrior -- Norwegian set Viking in 796

THE VIKING CLAIMS HIS WIFE Kara Olofdottar thanked the gods when she married her childhood hero Ash Hringson. But this fearless raider has been gone so long his proud arrogance is the only memory she retains of him. Now she must remarry to protect her lands for her son. But then, on her wedding day, the conquering warrior returns - to gasps of horror and surprise! After all, Ash was supposed to be dead...though to Kara's starved gaze he seems very much flesh and blood...and less than impressed to find his beautiful wife intent on marrying someone else!

Published UK (ebook and print), North America (ebook everywhere, print only through Harlequin), Australia and New Zealand (ebook and print) May 2014

You can read the excerpt here.

Saved by the Viking Warrior --Northumbrian Viking set in 876 to be published in September 2014 (including retail print in North America!)


Battle-scarred Thrand the Destroyer has only one thing on his mind: settling old scores. But with the beautiful Lady of Lingfold as his prisoner, the  unyielding warrior starts to dream of a loving wife and a home to call  his own.

Cwen is also seeking justice, but she knows the fragile alliance she‚Ä™s built with Thrand will only last as long as they share a common enemy.¬ Unless they can find a way to leave revenge to the gods¬ to forge a new life  together.

You can read an excerpt here.


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